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There is still no drug treatment that has been shown to be effective. to improve the great difficulties that can be observed in some people with autism. The management is only symptomatic (it is the symptoms that are treated and not the origins of the disorders) and is currently going through personalized non-drug therapeutic strategies: speech therapy, psychoeducation, psychomotor rehabilitation. These are all the more effective when applied at an early stage in the development of the individual. Several therapeutic trials, drug or not, are underway to identify more efficient therapeutic strategies.

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Helping people with autism and related disorders

  • June 30, 2018
  • admin

Accompany extraordinary people to access their rhythms and abilities to fundamental learning...

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At the service of every child

  • September 01, 2019
  • admin

True transitional offer on our daily screens. With hardware that is simple to assemble and assemble during a dedicated playful manual activity. Holokids then metamorphoses into a holographic fairyland, endowed with an original artistic creation...

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At the service of the elderly in a situation of loss of autonomy

  • December 30, 2021
  • admin

Combining the best capture and analysis technologies, Sir Graam offers you a detailed observation of constants such as body temperature,... as well as multiple tools...

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