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A revolutionary application to support people suffering from autistic disorders on a daily basis !

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Evo, your new virtual companion !

At home, at school, at the center... it helps you everywhere! Available to support you at any time in all situations of daily life... Thanks to its complete and operational interactive kiosk.

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An autism specialist at your bedside

Designed by autism professionals, Evo provides you with substantial written help. You should plan all these activities in a fun and caring way. Teach him the tasks of daily life. Understand these pains. Play think games together...

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Advanced speech synthesis

To help your child communicate, voice synthesis using 3D animated pictograms is available. It allows him to verbalize objects in its simplified version, but also to develop complete sentences in complex mode.

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Identification of sensory channels

Identifying the dominant sensory channels is crucial in autistic people. It will make it possible to communicate better by taking into account the senses used in a manner preponderant.

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A detailed statistics module

To analyze your child's progress, a detailed statistics module is available. It will allow you to visualize the tasks carried out correctly and identify the areas of progress to be worked on.