Holokids is designed to help children fall asleep magically without screens

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iPhone Hero
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iPhone Feature 01

A holographic show full of magic !

At the hour of the bedtime, Citrus, the fairy of good vegetables, Marcel the machinist and the whole troupe cheerful holograms play every evening in front of your amazed toddlers.

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iPhone Feature 02

Make your own little enchanted jar !

A manual activity full of creativity, with simple materials to gather: a small glass jar, a book, a phone and a DVD disc case.

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iPhone Feature 03

Amazing digital alternative !

For a magical, fun and educational bedtime, Holokids offers you a real transitional offer on television, smartphone, tablet, computer...

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iPhone Feature 04

A unique and magical bedtime !

Holokids then transforms into a holographic fairyland, equipped with an original universe artistic creation.

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iPhone Feature 04

Discover your bonus !

The little theater to print and cut out to place in front of the DVD case...