Lea Dictation

Lea Dictation is designed to help and support children, in the key stages of spell learning.

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Learn spelling in an incredible adventure !

The Golden rule was destroyed by the infamous Gagaou, pluging the school into the darkness of ignorance! A new reverse pedagogy: your child becomes the teacher to motivate him to learn.

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Give his class a dictation

Thanks to voice recognition, question all students for real! And correct them to progress together. Student management: punishments, admonitions, rewards, congratulations...

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Amazing features !

Class level: from dunce to gifted, it is fully configurable according to the child's choice. Class behavior: from unmotived to studious, it is entirely adjustable according to his desire.

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A new way to learn !

The more your child progresses in spelling, the more successful he will be in educating these students. Get him back to the light knowledge and do progress in spelling together ?